Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fashion 156



Guest contributor Flik Hall has been blogging for us all week. On Monday she gave us a revealing 5 Question Interview, where she talked about her inspiration, her future ambitions, and some things she's learnt along the way. On Wednesday she created an atmospheric art piece using twinkling lights and some of the prints from her SS12 collection. Here she gives us a little visual insight into what's inspiring here at the moment.
Monica Cook – I like how Monica’s paintings portray a sort of beautiful reality that I think painters often avoid in portraiture. The way she paints the flesh of the men and women in her paintings enhances their presence; they seem almost raw and stripped of an outer shell, traditional in a way, but a layer has been removed to capture darker emotions.
Katja Mayer – collaboration with Peter Chadwick Days Lost from 2008 – 2011 I love reading these few sentences that were the inspiration for Katja Mayers photos. I just love the atmosphere a photo and a few sentences can conjure – it’s very powerful.   She rose with the skylight and shook a blanket of black dust from the sun- smoked skin that served as paste to her once elegant frame. The mind she called mother awoke to the creaking, dry, acidic taste on the breeze that said it would not be long before they came scratching around at play once more, such was the scarred enticement of her garden – occasional playpen spirits flying forever higher on the wing of a radioactive breeze…
Hilary Brace - Untitled (#Jan. 08) Charcoal on polyester film, 2008 Hilary’s drawings depict unsure places, real or not were unconvinced; they could be both water and clouds, part of somewhere we have never discovered on earth or another realm.
Image source: Monica CookKatja Mayer and Hilary Brace
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