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By Jenna Hawkins / November 15th, 2011 in Fashion /  / 204 views
London based designer Flik Hall’s SS’12 collection, I Hear You Calling, is an avant-garde recreation of wearable staples infused with intricate patterns and design elements reminiscent of the shapes and textures of an octopus.  Having interned at House of Holland and Giles Deacon after completing her studies at the prestigious Central Saint Martins school, Hall developed her love of prints, which came into fruition during her first collection in SS’10.
A year later and Hall described her most recent collection as “a range emblazoned with high-tech looking prints in globular shapes and fleshy or inky hues”.  Having previously worked directly with real octopi for an accessories collection has given Hall the insight and knowledge to recreate the sea creature’s aesthetic through colour, movement and texture.  Tentacle-esque patterns, harsh cut outs and fabrics such as silks and leathers are juxtaposed together forming hybrid creatures with oceanic connotations, much like a cacaelia (half octopus, half human).
Directed by Ashley Joiner, the film for I Hear You Calling, is much like Hall’s designs, a mixture of real life and fantasy, infusing elements of mixed media with the fluid movements of mermaid-like model, Claudia Devlin, a red-headed beauty who—with her elfin features—is a real life Ariel, stuck between the earth and the sea, while Hall’s designs are a second skin for her eight legged alter-ego.


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