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CSM Graduate Designer: Flik Hall


With her down to earth aura and old school yet original ethos of working, I wanted to get to know the girl behind the fresh, sophisticated and invigorating label FLIK HALL.
FLIK HALL was set up during mid 2009, but it was at the age of 11 when Ms. Hall began drawing and creating collages of images and sketches, which naturally developed into her methodology of creating a collection. She studied at Central Saint Martin’s and says that she always wanted to design stuff that didn’t exist, things that she couldn’t find herself. She wanted to give something new to people which they could enjoy now, and in years to come. With her recent signing to BLOW PR the sky’s the limit for this youngster.

What are your inspirations?
At the moment books on philosophy and poetry are really inspiring me. Rather than looking at images straight away my imagination runs wild and I create the images in my head and only then do I pick up a pencil.

What’s your favourite collection you’ve done?
My SS11 collection called Mannequin Parade. My first research point was looking at altars and burials in Mexico. Why people used them and what they meant or did for them. I took imagery and ideas from the family’s children who had died and because they aren’t so wealthy there seemed to be a juxtaposition and a visual chaos of toys/family photos/memorabilia. The colours and textures of the garments were inspired by what state the walls had been left in during various hurricanes.

What’s your process?
I always start with the print. The print to me is what captures the customer. It’s a focal point. It has always been this way; print before silhouette. The print is then put into production and then the clothes simply fall together. I sketch with my inspiration in mind and also make up the patterns. This results in a more structural/angular garment that is not too fussy so the fabrics can speak for themselves. The garment is a nod, a complement to the print.

What are you up to at the moment?
Well, I’m going to museums a lot more. I stopped for a while, sometimes I think it’s good not to go so you can get re-inspired and figure out your ideals and inspirations yourself so as not to get too heavily influenced. I have been reading a lot of books on philosophy with my cats Doris and Napoleon. I have also been in my new studio everyday, setting it up and getting organised, a clear space means a clear head. Oh, and I played chess last night but that’s not a regular occurrence.

5 Likes/Dislikes
Likes her new shoes
Likes the weird teeth on the wall in Jag Shoes
Likes typewriters
Likes Lara
Likes ginger beer (at the moment)
Dislikes it when her cat poos in her bed
Dislikes instant coffee
Dislikes the fact that everyone has started to wear Barbours
Dislikes the brand G-STAR
Dislikes the fact that her studio is so cold. But likes the fact that she’s going to buy a ski suit to wear in it.

What is your favourite thing to do??
To sit.

What future projects have you lined up?
I can’t really talk about that. Someone has asked me to do something that they can’t unveil enough information on either. So there are offers there, but I want to take the brand more slowly and learn about it myself as opposed to falling into collaborations too quickly.

What’s the future for Flik Hall?
I want to be recognised for what I do. Not necessarily by everyone but by the people who matter. I want to stay exclusive, make money and see a return in more ways than one. There are so many fashion designers that do it ‘cos they love it but don’t know how to communicate their brand and follow through. I actually want to make a career out of it and I’m determined enough to make it happen. I’m excited to show at Fashion Week and collaborating with designers I actually like. I just don’t want to jeopardise the authenticity of FLIK HALL and I want to stay around for a lifetime, well at least my lifetime.

Check out what FLIK HALL gets up to here.

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